A note about tan skin

Due to the nature of resin and the way in which it is cured it's impossible to obtain immaculate results when working with the dark colourants that are necessary to create tan and fantasy coloured resin. Marbling, streaking and lighter patches are all normal in tan and fantasy resin and are generally not considered to be defects except in rare instances where the results are extreme. The definition of 'extreme' differs from company to company but it is important to note that most flaws in dark resin are unavoidable and thus marbling, streaking and lighter patches are not a quality control issue.

All of our suppliers work hard to produce the best result possible with their tan and fantasy toned dolls. This often means casting one order multiple times to meet their quality standards, which takes up more resources and finances than other skintones. This is why most companies charge extra for certain resin colours.

A note about skintone names

Some of our suppliers use the term 'normal skin' to describe one of their skin-tones. This is because, when BJDs were a new concept, they were often cast in only one colour as the casting process had not yet expanded far enough for multiple colour choices. Thus the term 'normal skin' is supposed to mean 'the original resin colour' rather than insinuating that other skin-tones are not 'normal'. We are very sorry if this is upsetting to anyone and we would like to assure our customers that both ourselves and our suppliers understand and appreciate the wide variety of tones that both people and dolls come in.


Dollzone offers 3 enchanting skintones: white, normal pink and normal yellow. You may choose any of these 3 skintones for no additional cost. They have also offered tan skin in the past however this is not available at present.


There are 3 skintones available from Souldoll - white, normal and sandy brown. Due to the difficult nature of working with dark resin the sandy tone costs a little more than the other options.

Souldoll sometimes release special fantasy skintones only in conjuction with their limited edition dolls.


5StarDoll offer a wonderful variety of skintones with 5 basic colours - yellow, white, pink, tan and grey. Any of these options are included in the price of the nude doll. They also offer fantasy colour such as green and red on select sculpts only.


Ringdoll offer 3 main skintones for no additional cost - white, normal and tan. They also offer grey resin as an option on certain sculpts from their infamous range.


Luts have a fantastic range of resin tones, including three different variants of tan. The light tan and regular tan cost more but are stunning to behold.

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